VVDS is a music project/DJ originating in Los Angeles, California. Over the years VVDS has had four album releases: the self-titled VVDS, Strange Æons, Depth & Texture and Reveries. In addition, VVDS has released a handful of EPs and a “collected works” album titled VVDS: ARC//HIVE, spanning musical works from 2005 through 2015, all of which can be found on the VVDS Bandcamp page. VVDS first released music on the MySpace platform and has had a steady digital release of music. Later VVDS was associated with the digital/cassette collective Legion of Doom (LXD, now defunct), and has maintained a collaborative relationship between other local music projects including GOLD L.A., TR-666, ATLAS, BLACK BOLT and Obelisk.

Gnosis is the first sound design/OST work in collaboration with VJ Rybyk. It has been an extremely exciting and rewarding project and future works will come to fruition from the partnership.

The VVDS approach to the Gnosis VR sound is one of total immersion, chaos and aftermath. The sound has been carefully crafted to complement the landscape of the VR experience. It is rooted in the prime forces of nature: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Light. Enjoy the experience.