marQu vr is a VJ, Video Mapper, Sound, Video and Performance artist. His main audiovisual conceptual art project is Q P.O.P.

He has been involved with the underground music and art scene in Ireland since the late 90s, producing concept based multimedia art. Originally a DJ in genres as EBM, Goa and Industrial, he began his journey as a promoter and producer in 2002, developing an experimental soundwhich is influenced by IDM, Techno, Industrial, Psychedelic, Ambient and Electro.
Graduated from Fine Art College, specializing in Digital Media, Video and Sound Art in 2001 and became involved as a VJ originally on the Psy Trance scene in 2005. Since then he has been involved with many styles of music events and festivals working with various crews in the underground music scene.

In 2008, he started the 4theye Multisensory experience events, which evolved into a Multimedia / New Media platform called QVRtv (Question your Vision of Reality). He was nominated as a VJ at the Electronic Dance music awards Ireland IN 2009.

In 2016 marQu signed a record deal with The Sublunar Society and the album Space Time Continuum was released.
Recent Audiovisual performances include Sonic Dreams Festival 2016 and LPM – Live Performers Meeting.