Originally from Dorset (UK), Jon Weinel is a London-based artist/writer/researcher whose main expertise is in electronic music and audio-visual media.  In 2012 he completed his AHRC-funded PhD in Music at Keele University regarding the use of altered states of consciousness as a basis for composing electroacoustic music.  His work currently operates within the nexus of sound, psychedelic culture and immersive computer technologies.  His creative projects have been presented at a variety of international festivals, while his writings have been published in books, journals and conference proceedings.  Jon has held academic posts in the UK at Keele University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Glyndwr University, and Aalborg University, Denmark, where he is currently a Postdoc in Music and Sound.  He has written a book entitled: Inner Sound: Altered States of Consciousness in Electronic Music and Audio-Visual Media, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2018.